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Upcoming Events

No upcoming events.


Snow Days

  We will try to mirror Gull Lake School evening events for snow cancellations. Canceled Class will be made up on the following Saturday at 10 am when possible.

If SMAA must close for any reason, it will be announced on the Facebook page

Tornado Watch announced during Class:

  If a “Tornado Watch” announcement is made during SMAA class hours, class will be stopped, and students will be sent home. For students whose transportation is not at SMAA, Class Instructor(s) will stay at SMAA until student transportation arrives. Parents – please stay posted on weather advisories. 

Tornado Watch/Warning announced before class:

  For the safety of our students, SMAA will be closed during “Tornado Watches” and “Tornado Warnings”. If a “Tornado Watch or Warning” is announced in advance, to be in effect during SMAA class hours, SMAA will be closed. 

Class and Testing highlights 4/27/2019

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